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ROBOTSAFE™ the autonomous disinfection robot ready to work in hotels, corporate spaces, facilities, industrial spaces, warehouses, factories, distribution centers, airports and medical facilities.

Autonomous collaborative robot able to avoid obstacles and reschedule its route.

Collaborative! Moves autonomously in all areas with flexibility and adaptability.

RobotSafe™ has been designed to answer to the challenges of infections of our time and the COVID-19 pandemic. As an autonomous robot is cannot be infected like humans and disinfects the premises safely 24 hours/day.

It is designed to help businesses to remain functional by disinfecting employees premises and contribute to safe business continuation.


Please check how we differ from other solutions:

table en 01Additional advantages:

  • Smart Building: RobotSafe contributes drastically to the internal reflux of air conditioners with aerosol fog that improves air quality.
  • RobotSafe is equipped with 360° Laser sensors and 3D cameras for avoiding obstacles which make it 100% safe on the move.
  • Dry cloud fogging technology with maximum particle diameter 10μm. As a result, the surfaces are not moistened during fogging.
  • For use even in areas with sensitive electronic equipment.
  • It can be used for accurate humidity control in dry areas, as well as dust control. Therefore it CONTRIBUTES to a healthier employee environment.
  • It is environmentally friendly, since during the dry fog operation, room temperature does not increase.
  • Battery saving: it always calculates the shortest route.
  • It requires minimal to zero maintenance
  • Long span life
  • Easy, fast installation and operation

 *Disinfection performance depends on the fog liquid.

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